Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wildlife Images: Crow vs Buzzard Eagle

a crow chases an eagle

Crows Are Permanent Residents on Okinawa

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagles, migrate from somewhere north and, spend the winters here.

The crows, sometimes harass, these out of town visitors.

Eagle being chased by a crow, in flight

Crows, are pretty good at mimicking other birds when they are flying.

This one was, buzzing around, trying to scare the eagle out of its territory.

As you can see, the crow is larger than, the bird it's chasing.

Crow turns away from eagle, in flight

Crows are scavengers, good at pecking things but, not dumb enough to attack an eagle.

That little bird has a meat-shredding beak and strong, sharp talons, to kill things with.

So, when the crow, gets too close, it drops its legs and shows, the concealed weapons.

Then, the scavenger, goes looking for something else, to do.

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