Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breaking News: Duddhist Monk on Okinawa !

Never a Dull Moment

Taking a circuitous route to work this morning, an extra mile was added to the trip. 

Knowing, I would be doing some strenuous exercise, I stopped at a supermarket.

I bought some energy drinks and powerful energy snacks, six boxes of them.

A park, has a circuit course of exercise benches and weight lifting machines, I wanted to try.

The athletic park, is near the store.  I got hungry along the way and started munching.

Those power bars are sort of dry and crunchy so, I washed them down with power drinks.

There was enough energy stored in me, to do the course, twice. What a buzz !

By the time I got to the office, I still felt supercharged. So, I talked myself into a new challenge.

A friend, told me, I could get online and become an ordained priest. So, that's what I did.

Certificate of Ordination Church of the Latter-Day Dude

Heathens Can Read It and Weep

After I got ordained, they said, I could call myself a priest, minister or, whatever, I want.

So, I decided Duddhist Monk, would be what I'll go by, for the time being.

It's a lot of work, getting started. Spell Check keeps trying to correct me. I don't mind.

Duddhist people are supposed to be really laid back. Get used to us, we're everywhere.

An Extra Mile

As soon as, the documentation was downloaded, I had to get things printed.

A certificate, framed and hanging on the wall, was one necessity, which couldn't be overlooked.

And, a bunch of identification cards (wallet size) needed to be printed.

The sunny weathed disappeared; it got cold, windy and cloudy. No problem.

Duddhists are always cheerful and, an umbrella would protect my documents.

Nobody would notice, a new monk, walking down the street; I was in my regular duds.

It's a good walk, to the Family Mart, I was using to do my printing.  

Placing my umbrella in the rack outside the front door, I went and started printing.

A large color photo paper print and several credit card-sized ones, was only about 2 bucks.

On the way back, I forgot my umbrella, I was so happy. Maybe, I levitated.

Halfway to the office, I remembered the umbrella and, had to float back, to get it.

The Investment Could Be Worth a Million Dollars

There are a few more items, I'll have to purchase, Duddhist stuff like, a robe and hat.

A pair of dark welders glasses, I think, would be more appropriate.

Some sort of flowing robe and maybe, a yellow traffic cone, to be made into a hat.

GIF of a Duddhist Monk performing a matrimony

All I had lying around the office, were some props, I used for a wedding rehearsal.

The back-scratcher, will be replaced with some sort of sacred tree branch.

The black thing, was used to represent my holy (see the hole?) scripture.

Walking that extra mile, I was trying to find a traffic cone but, came up empty handed.

What's most important, is to get practice, being reverent, at the moment.

The wardrobe, will fall into place, eventually.  I need to work on my presentation.

Things like, "Do you take this ___  and, In sickness, health and, all that stuff."

Oh, yeah "Until death do you part unless, one of you get caught cheating."

Then, "By the powers vested in me by the Church of Latter-Day Dude....

I now pronounce you Man and Wife."

I'm thinking of adding something: Generously Tip the Cameraman on the way out !

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