Wednesday, January 18, 2017

15 Flower Photos for Wordless Wednesday

Plum and Cherry Blossoms bloom during January in Okinawa

Beginning of Plum and Cherry Blossom Season in Okinawa

Plum tree blooming on a mountain road

Ie-jima island through cherry blossoms on Mt. Yaedake

Plumb blossoms after rain

Single cherry blossom reaching the sky

Plum blossoms and buds

Festival lantern, cherry blossoms, sky, trees

Plum blossoms against a concrete retaining wall

Cherry blossoms reach a blue sky with white clouds

country road, raindrops and plum blossoms

Cherry blossoms, branches, trees

Plum blossoms on a winter day

Cherry blossoms on a mountainside

Close-up of plum blossoms on a rainy winter dy

Blue sky, white clouds, cherry blossoms

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