Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Animation: Bird Watchers

flock of white egrets flies past the bird watchers

There Was a Slew of Them

Not the birds, I'm talking about the humans, with fancy glass, binoculars and big zooms.

Just when an old man, went to water some bushes and, thought nobody was around.

All of a sudden, I looked across the fields and, they showed up, pointing their instruments.


Not to worry, I was a few hundred yards away so, they couldn't see everything.

At first, I figured it might have been some kind of camera club, out on a tour.

Thinking, they shot me first, I planned on getting even but, remained a good distance away.

When the flock of egrets, took off flying, most of the enthusiasts, missed it.

The birds probably knew, they'd be a target so, they moved swiftly, past the crowd.

With 420MM of lens, on my camera, I only captured a part of the pandemonium.

Heading towards home, I had to cross the bridge, they were standing on.

That's when, I noticed, what kind of equipment, they were carrying.

Approaching the most senior-looking dude, I asked, "Birdsu Watchingu?"

That's how you would say it in Japanese, sorta.  He said, "Hai."

Then, I wished him a Happy New Year in Okinawan dialect and, he didn't understand.

So, I thought he might be Japanese, from the mainland and, tried once more.

"Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu" (Happy New Year) and, he understood that.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, I trudged on back and downloaded my camera.

Can't Show All the People's Faces

When passing closeby the gang of bird watchers, I got a good look at their lenses.

Some of them, may have been 1200MM and, some folks had powerful binoculars.

When processing the RAW photo files, I can enlarge them and, see great details.

When, they were looking at the old man in the bushes, one gal's mouth was wide open.

Now, I'm thinking maybe, they saw more than just an old guy with a beard.

It looks like that gal might have been saying something.

"Look, there's a baby bald eagle in a nest, he's holding in his hands!"

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