Saturday, January 14, 2017

Alien Frog: This One Doesn't Belong in Okinawa

Common Tree Frog, Polypedates leucomystax

My Lunch Almost Got Lost

Here, I thought it was my lucky day.  This unusual-looking frog was on the sidewalk.

Nothing like this has ever crossed my path before. It must be a rare one, I figured.

Not every frog, I see gets this special treatment. I emptied my lunch bag, to capture him.

Thinking I had found some endangered species, I hurried to the office, to get some photos.

The frog was placed in the rock garden out back and, I quickly grabbed a camera, to shoot it.

Five or six clicks of the shutter and, the rascal jumped, so high, I don't know where he landed !

Then, I looked at my empty lunch bag and remembered. My food was on somebody's wall.

It was only a two minute trip, to rescue that, before some homeless dude, snatched it.

On a Full Stomach Research Was Easy

Type into a search "Okinawa Frog with stripes on legs" and, that's how I found out.

This critter is a Polypedates leucomystax and, doesn't belong on this island.

If, you spot one, grind it up and feed it to stray cats or, homeless people.

They are found throughout Asia, according to Amphibia Web but, we don't want them here.

They say, they are a charming species at Ecology Asia.  Well, come and get them, y'all.

The frog makes a loud quack, DNA Singapore, tells me. We have enough quacks already.

Get your invasive, alien frogs out of here, we have our own frogs, to worry about.

The import, transport and keeping of these amphibians, is against the law, in Japan.

Next time, I see one, I'll squish it and, turn it over to the authorities, dead or alive.

Gee. I wonder if there's a bounty, to be collected ?

Common Names for this alien are:

Asian Brown Treefrog, Common Tree Frog, Four-lined Tree Frog and Golden Tree Frog.

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