Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Photos of Blue Skies with White Clouds

Altocumulus clouds above vegetation

Not This Way Earlier Today

Horrible gray sky with on and off rain showers sort of ruined my temperament today.

Some of the crazy remedies, I have consist of going out under a carport for exercise.

Several times a day, I get away from the computer monitors, to rest my eyes and get refreshed.

About 4:30 PM the sun, finally started shining. I decided to go for a walk, to buy some drinks.

The clouds, looking like a plowed field, I noticed as I left the office. Camera ?  Not yet.

white clouds and vegetation

Knowing, my luck if, I ran to grab something for photography, it would start raining, again.

 I spent 15 minutes, walking and enjoying the sunshine, while going for my refreshments.

It's a 2 minute walk to the vending machine but, I was formulating a plan.

sky, clouds, buildings, wires, trees

By the time, I returned the clouds started moving in a direction, that suited me.

There wouldn't be time, to catch the scene, I wanted if, I fooled around changing lenses.

So, I grabbed the camera, I was using yesterday, equipped with an 18-250MM zoom.

clouds, sky, buildings, trees, wires

Not too wild about telephone and electrical wires in my compositions, I shot, anyway.

Those distractions can be removed, afterwards but, I didn't feel like doing that.

Altocumulus clouds

When the timing was right, I climbed up on the roof and, shot this scene at 18MM.

Then, I started wondering, what those clouds would be called. I did some research.

At Allexperts (dot) com, somebody asked the same question, I put in the search engine.

What are those clouds called, that look like furrows, in a plowed field ?

They could be Altocumulus Undulatus.

 At the National Weather Service, 10 basic types of clouds are listed so, you can learn.

These clouds only lasted a few minutes, I'm guessing but, they made me happy.

Next time, I went out for some exercise and a break, they were all gone.

The wind blew and stuff flew and, who wants to be a weatherman anyway ?

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