Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flower (Photo) An Orange Hibiscus From Okinawa, Japan

Here's one for my flower loving friends. First thing this morning, heading to the big city, I asked my shooting partner, Doc (GOYAREPUBLIC), if he wanted to get some photos of this hibiscus before they disappear again.

Every morning, when I walk my dogs to the beach I pass by this hibiscus plant. When it blooms it has some beautiful flowers. Early morning is when the light hits them just right. Lately, we've been having some cloudy and rainy days. It always seems when the light is right, either I don't have my camera with me, or the darn thing isn't blooming.

Yesterday, when I walked the three mutts by the place, I saw this gigantic flower blooming, the sun was hitting it perfectly and there was no wind blowing. 

So, I walked the dogs real fast.  I was going to take them home and grab a camera to shoot the hibiscus.

By the time I got home, the weather turned miserable.  So, I turned miserable, too.  That's what I do.

Today, two of us, with a car full of cameras drove out of our way to snag some shots.  We were headed to Naha, the capital of Okinawa. The first thing we shot before leaving my village was this flower.  It was cloudy and windy but, it had to be done today. 

Sometimes, with an assistant, you can make shots that would be impossible when you are alone. 

At least one person can keep an eye out for the police.  That's if someone calls them because they don't want you on their property, shootin' their flowers.  It was Sunday morning, over here so, I think everybody was still sleeping. Nobody bothered us and we got the flower shots and escaped. Hah !

And, what a day it turned out to be.  I got a pile of Sunday Silly Signs photos for future posts.  Some great shots of Okinawan Sanshin, even a dude playing one for us.  Eisa Dancers, in conjunction with an FM Radio Station, were performing right in front of my camera.  They were helping raise relief funds for the disaster victims up around Sendai, Japan and, I even took some food photos.  So, there's enough pictures for me to post here, even if I don't get out with the camera for another week.

For now, this Orange Hibiscus will have to do the trick.  I started researching, because I like to find scientific names for all these things but, with over 200 kinds of Hibiscus, I'm lost.  You could name it the Orange Hibiscus from Okinawa owned by the people who sleep late on Sunday and don't call the police because they didn't know two foreigners were in their yard taking pictures if you want to, I guess.









Cathy Sweeney said...

I'll just call it Gorgeous Orange Hibiscus -- photo taken by awesome cameraman.

(If this comment has shown up multiple times, I apologize -- something weird going on.)

RyukyuMike said...

How sweet of you. I'm really aterrible cameraman.
If I could give that flower a scientific name, it'd be something like the Orange Hibiscus (Poilcius dontseeus)!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shot Mike. One of my favorite flowers. Hey, if you ever get arrested call me, and I'll send a couple of Won to the "Bail out Mike Fund". There isn't a flower in sight here in Korea...little depressing!! Send me a flower pleasssssssss....

RyukyuMike said...

Funny, I was just talking to Doc about that. I've been trying to figure out what makes flower posts so popular. A few of mine have had over 12,000 views in a month.
It could be, folks cooped-up in wintery weather just miss seeing them! I'll keep them coming as long as they are in demand.
GIves me something to do while I'm waiting for the wildlife to show up!