Thursday, March 3, 2011

Okinawa Sanshin Day: A Photo Essay

     The Okinawan Sanshin is a three-stringed instrument you'll hear at every festival on the island.

           It is played on stage at wedding ceremonies, school assemblies, parties or concerts.

                  You may see the samisen displayed in murals on the street as wall art.

                                             Played by young women at a summer festival.

                                           Played by young men on an indoor stage.

                                   Displayed as a backdrop on an outdoor stage.

                    Displayed on a TV screen along with the words for a karaoke tune.

              Played late at night on a stage accompanied by an Eisa band beating drums.

                                  On the back of a pickup truck during Obon season.

         Displayed on racks in a store that specializes in hand-crafted musical instruments.

The 4th of March is Sanshin Day in Okinawa, Japan.  It's time for me to crank my radio up to as many decibels as it will reach and take the rest of the day off. Everyday should be Sanshin Day in Okinawa.

Here is a link, if you want to read more about it: SANSHIN PLAYS STRAIGHT INTO OKINAWAN SOUL

If you want to hear some of the music try this U-TUBE THINGY but let me tell you, those folks might not be playing the quality of music I get here. Someone may have slipped something in their drinks !


Ryan said...

Sounds like a great excuse for a party, do you play it Mike?

RyukyuMike said...

Nah, I don't play; just listen, and party.