Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weird White Long-haired Lizard-looking Creature (Photos)

Standing on a bridge in Okinawa, Japan as the sun was setting last night, I spotted this thing that appeared to be a feather from one of the white egrets we have flying around here.

          It caught my attention because when the wind stopped blowing, it didn't stop moving.

        Too get a better look, I unholstered my camera and zoomed-in on it.  It looked back at me.

Feathers don't have eyes.  So, I climbed down off the bridge and got as close as I could without falling in the river.  There's no telling what this creature might be.  All I know for sure is it isn't a feather.  It might be a bug, a lizard or some kind of ancient mutated minature dragon and I ain't telling anybody where it lives until some scientist tells me the scientific name of the creature.

If they don't have a name for this critter, I'll name it for them.  It'll be something like:

WIERD WHITE LONG-HAIRED LIZARD-LOOKING ANCIENT MINATURE DRAGONASARUS ryukyumikusjaponicus, or something like that.  You ever seen one ?

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