Friday, March 18, 2011

Find an American Girl in Japan (Photo)

This is Taylor Anderson, an American girl from North Carolina.  She teaches in Japan.

She was in the area of the earthquake and tsunami.

Her father and I have email contact with each other.

No one has heard from her or seen her in the past week.

The town of Ishinomaki was hit hard by the disaster but, reports indicate, the area she would have been traveling through as the tsunami hit was relatively unharmed.

I can tell you, having a daughter missing for over a week is pure torture that no parent should ever have to experience.

The Embassies of Japan and the USA are busy with lots of things right now, I know.

Everyone is busy.  I just want to help the Andersons find their daughter.

An American girl in Japan stands out in the crowd.  So, if you can spare five minutes, help me circulate this photo and find Taylor Anderson.

More detailed information is available at MATADOR PULSE and I may be reached through my Facebook page Mike's Ryukyu Gallery. Thank you for your support.

This link, if you scroll down, gives the best updates JAPAN PERSON FINDER with information from friends and coworkers searching, on the ground, for Taylor Anderson. There is still hope!


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RyukyuMike said...

Thank you for your kind comment.
It is so sad what has happened and I worry about all the families who have lost someone in this disaster.
日本gambatte kudasai.