Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earthquakes, Oil Spills, Tsunamis, Nuclear Disasters and Coal

Alright, I'm not exactly a rocket scientist or even a rock scientist but, I know a few people who qualify.

                                                                                       Image credit: Jason Louv

First, I want to share some information a friend sent me today. It may help answer questions about Japan's Nuclear Disaster for those living in Japan or worried about which way the wind is blowing around the world.  We'll call this the US GOVERNMENT MADE EASY Site just for the heck of it.

They are advising some folks to leave the area around the Fukushima Power Plant and Japan as well as advising people not to travel to Japan. I'm staying put because Okinawa, Japan is where I happen to live.

Some people have been given Potassium Iodide (KI) and I know there's been a buying spree going on by folks along the west coast of the USA.  DON'T PANIC !  Those people just do whatever is fashionable.

The poor souls given potassium pills by the government and their employers have been told, GET THIS:
 DO NOT TO EAT THE STUFF until it is required and even then you better be careful; you could get sick!

See, there are health risks if you start taking drugs your body doesn't need. All the information you need is in the link above. It is in English, Spanish and you can get Google to translate it into any other language.

Next, I'll bet earthquakes and tsunamis are more than likely going to happen, along with hurricanes, typhoons, forest fires, cow paddies, elephant farts, frogs croaking, babies barfing and whatever other natural disasters Mother Nature decides to cook up for us, as long as we occupy this planet. 

We will never be able to control nature.

We do have control over mining and burning coal and uranium, drilling for oil and polluting air and water.

It's up there in the sky.

We should listen to the Rocket Scientists and start "Drilling Up, Not Down" is what I'm starting to think. 

How about you?





The Diagonal Dog said...

Wow. Why are we not doing this?? How do these ideas remain in obscurity for so long?

RyukyuMike said...

The Diagonal Dog,
Why are we not doing this?
Beats me. All I know is our land, oceans and sky aren't as clean as they could be.

Big business and Governments may not want to change the way we get our power, for whatever reasons.

We can make a difference by spreading the word, I guess but, change probably won't happen overnight. Lend a hand. OK ?