Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flower (Photos) The Golden Trumpet Trees in Okinawa, Japan

Here are some photos I shot over the past two days in Okinawa, Japan. These bright yellow flowers are popping out all over the trees lining the highways. The hard part, for me, is nailing down the correct scientific name.

To give an idea what one of the trees looks like I went wide-angle and shot this one from across the road. That proves it isn't taller than a two-story house. And almost got me run over by a dump truck, too.

This shot I made to show the tree has some leaves on it. Some of the rocket scientists claim this Golden Trumpet Tree never gets any leaves, just flowers.

For people who are really into looking closer at the leaves, I zoomed in a little closer for you. If it would be of any help for me to go back and eat some of the leaves so, you know what they taste like, let me know.  But, first, tell me they aren't poison. I'm trying to lower my poison intake. OK?

Whatever these things are, I'd like to know the exact scientific name. I'm leaning towards calling it the Golden Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia caraiba) but, not sure.

Mrs. RyukyuMike says the trees came from Brazil. She thinks she knows everything, you know. But, she doesn't know Latin. She did come up with the word, Ipe. That's what they call these trees over here.

So, armed with the words, Ipe, Tree, Brazil, Flower and Okinawa, Japan I searched for a few hours last night.

Now, I know we have Golden Trumpet Trees. There must be a hundred different kinds of them. Some people claim they grow 120 feet tall, have no leaves, make great hardwood furniture, boardwalks and all kinds of stuff.

Who knows?  These trees may have discovered America, too!
You can say anything you want on the internet. I think it's an unwritten international law.

After you look at these Golden Trumpet Tree photos, if you know your flowers and happen to know the correct scientific name for the ones in Okinawa, Japan holler back at me. OK?



Michelle said...

Not sure what this is Mike. But it certainly is gorgeous and I'd love to have one growing in my own garden.

Definitely doesn't grow in the midwest but I sure wish it did!


RyukyuMike said...

It's definitely a Golden Trumpet. I just wish I could narrow it down to which one !