Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flower Photo: The Cosmos of Kin Town Okinawa

Last night, on the way to shoot the full moon, I spotted these flowers.

Location: Kin Town, near Nature Mirai.

Camera: Pentax K5

Just two years ago,  I thought a Cosmo was some new auto made by Toyota.

If I keep taking flower photos for this blog, I might become a walking, flower encyclopedia.

There are lots more flowers blooming in the coming months.

Many of them have festivals celebrating the occasions.

Everything depends on the weather and I'll try to keep you posted, in advance.

Some of the springtime flower festivals I've been to may be seen here.

Sometimes, the flowers bloom and festivals are over before I get there !

It's best to keep an eye on Okinawa2Go! on Facebook for current events.

Another great resource for flower festivals and travel events, throughout Japan, is:

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