Friday, February 15, 2013

The Redneck Goes High Tech on Pinterest


It Started with a Conversation About Resumes


A  friend suggested making a one page resume of articles I've had published and posting it online.

That sort of high tech stuff scares me. 

My website and blogs get cluttered-up enough without me trying to add more fancy stuff.

 So, I experimented over on Pinterest and created this Board.

It doesn't look too shabby, to me so, I went and shared it over on Facebook.

That way, I'd get an idea if folks liked the way it looked.

Somehow, that Zuckerberganator guy had all 21 of my pins from that Board, already.

So, this old country boy, went and deleted them one at a time.  Hah !

Facebook Gets on My Nerves Sometimes


They are probably more popular with youngsters and city folks than senior citizens.

It seems like, just about the time I start figuring out how it works, they change everything.

They better watch-out.  One of these days Pinterest may gobble them up !

Here's the Deal

Facebook and Pinterest dudes should start talking to us about these important things.

Suppose a bunch of people wanted to do high tech stuff like I just did.

They want online mini resumes the same as in the screenshot above.

Call them a Picturesume.

My friend Map It Okinawa coined that term.

The high tech stuff, I did all by myself.

Contact us.  Sometimes, we even accept unreasonable offers !


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