Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show (Photos)

The Okinawa International Orchid (蘭) Show started today.

Jennifer Lyn Solomon was there and, I was, too.

She just got declared a supermodel, by me, because she posed and signed a model release.

If you like flowers, you'll love this place.

Trying to remember what order these photos were shot in can get confusing.

It would be nice to give a tour, in the sequence you would see things as you walk through.

But, using two cameras and switching back and forth, I get carried away.

 There must be several thousand types of orchids in this event.

They come from around the globe, too.

 And, people give their flowers names. 

Pink Delight, Jailhouse Rock, Chantilly Green, Spring Melody and Temptation were there.

Also, I found a Snow Boy, Blockbuster "The Giant", SakuraYama and Maxima.

Favorite Person, Melody Fair and Giant Pearl were in there, somewhere, too.

Some of the orchids are huge, like trees.

Others, are so small, they grow in pots the size of coffee cups.

Taking photos indoors is alright but, I'd rather be outside.

Those pink, yellow, purple, white and green colors really pop, in natural light.

When busloads of tourists start coming through, outside is the place to be.

They call the place Tropical Dreamland and now, I know why.

How many people get to see sights like this in February ?  

Dream on !

Back inside the circular greenhouses I found plenty more.

Some flowers had French and Chinese names, too.  I forgot to write them down.

There were orchids named Spring Dance, Dream Paradise and Gola Boy.

Inside, I kept going around and around shooting all the orchids (蘭) I could find.

After I ran across Jailhouse Rock the third time, I figured out, I was lost.

 So, I went back outside and got directions from an American couple, I met.

Shoot, I should have wrote their names down.  They were real nice folks.

She said her dad loves orchids.  And, showed me a picture of him driving his John Deere tractor.

So, I promised I'd post ten photos tonight. I got carried away and threw in a few extra.

Now, I'm no flower expert but, if I had to pick the winner at this show, it would be this one.

Whoever Kaori Yohena is, her orchid gets my vote.

The Okinawa International Orchid Show goes until Monday FEB 11, 2013.

There's plenty of time to hop on a plane and visit so, come on over !

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