Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Silly Sign: Let Out English-speaking Staff

This gem was spotted today somewhere in Okinawa, Japan.

"Call us now and let out English-speaking staff assist you."

There's no telling, how these silly signs are created.

Maybe, there was a typo when they placed the order.  

They hit the "r" instead of "t" like I do, almost every day.

The reason I post these silly signs isn't to be mean.

They just seem funny, to me and, I think everybody needs a good laugh, now and then.

The government should hire someone with a degree in English.

They could create a Minister of Misspellings and Bad Grammar.

That way plenty of the silly signs could be corrected.

Now, I don't have an English degree and, I'm really busy.

But, I could point people in the right direction if they wanted my assistance.

My services would be reasonable, too.

It would be a lot cheaper than trying to invent a spell-checker for a paint bucket!

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