Friday, February 8, 2013

Ya Hu Hu Hu It's New Year's Eve All Over Again !

The Year of the Snake 2013


The Chinese New Year officially starts tomorrow.

That means I get to go out and celebrate New Year's Eve again tonight.

And, I have to practice saying, "Gung hay fat choy" just in case I run across any Chinese people.

There was this snake thing planted at the entrance to the Orchid Show.

It reminded me, I better start researching the Chinese Zodiac.

If you were born in the year of the snake you might be a really smart person.

But, if somebody messes with you they better watch out.  You'll attack them.

Snakes get along well with folks born in the year of the Dragon, Ox or Rooster.

But, they don't mix with Pigs or Tigers.

People who are afraid of snakes should come to Okinawa.

Some people even bring along the whole family and take group portraits.

Snakes really aren't bad once you get to know them.

You can learn all about a snake's personality at Reader's Digest Asia.

That's where I found "Gung hay fat choy" and all the rest of the Chinese Zodiac.

It took me a while to figure out what "Gung hay fat choy" means.

Of all the places, I found the translation at USA Today.

It doesn't mean Happy New Year.

But, Happy Chinese New Year, to you and yours, anyway!

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