Saturday, March 30, 2013

Editor's Picks (Photos) for the Month of March 2013

Strange Things Happen Sometimes


There weren't a lot of photos entered in contests this month because March keeps me too busy.

These photos were the only ones to receive Editor's Picks.

The strange thing is, they were both taken at the same location in Okinawa, Japan.

 Long Life Stone in Okinawa

Green Tree Frog of Okinawa, Japan

The photos were taken on different days at locations only a few hundred meters apart.

And the frog photo made it all the way to the University of California.

That Stone Garden in Motobu must have some good ju-ju, is what I'm thinking.

What I plan on doing is a TripAdvisor Review on that place.

Maybe, if you visit Shizen Sekitei (自然石庭) you'll start having good luck, too !

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