Friday, March 29, 2013

Okinawa 2013 Iris (オクラレルカ) Report #3 and a Travel Tip

In Ogimi Okinawa the Iris Fields are Blooming



We went up there today even though it was raining and, it's a good thing.

After Iris Report #3 hits print everyone on the island will start heading north.

Before traveling look at these photos and be sure to read to my travel tip.

 These flowers we call Iris, bloom in some awesome colors.

Some look purple, others blue.  And, they have bright yellow on the petals.

They resemble a dragon, sticking its tongue out, according to legends.

 The breed of iris, called Okurareruka (オクラレルカ) locally, loves lots of water.

This plot of the flowers is just starting to bloom.  The photo was taken to give you an idea.

It can be pretty wet and slippery between those rows of plants.

Turning around, here's a view of the fields you'll want to visit with a camera.

 To shoot a photo like this, get real close or, use a zoom lens.

Some places, it's safe to walk between the flowers to take a close-up.

The whole valley is starting to bloom.  You could spend hours there on a nice sunny day.

Even though it was cloudy and wet, I had a blast and, forgot all about what time it was.

Another thing I forgot was, the place isn't flip-flop friendly.

Trying to cover the iris fields, from all angles, I stepped in the muck, a few times.

My travel tip: Wear boots or shoes and watch where you are going !

The ditch, in front of that construction sign, is a good place to wash-up if you forget !

Directions for the Village of Kijoka and Iris Fields of Ogimi.


Everyone should take the time to visit my "Always Entertaining Friend"

OKINAWA SOBA and Checkout his Iris Photos from 2013 

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