Saturday, March 2, 2013

RyukyuMike's Favorite Facebook Shares of the Week

Here are Five Facebook Shares from the 1st Week of March 2013



Not everybody gets along, as well as I do, with the Zuckerberganator.

For those poor souls, I'll post a few teasers here.

That way, if they don't have a Facebook account, they'll start thinking about getting one.

There are lots of things I share over there but, these five are special.

From Amy Chavez, who I must give credit for teaching me about plastic grass in my bento:

The Thinnest Latex Condom and Other World Records Held by Japan

Don Cartwright, I don't really know but, he posted this video that tickled me:

It's supposed to be about gun control, I'm guessing.

Mommy Cracked, changed her name to Read, Write, Mom but I like her old handle best

because she finds stuff like:

Splice Today, I read something over there every day but, not like this one:

Last but, not least, Chris Willson Photography added my mugshot to:

The Wild Bunch

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