Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Essay: Could These Be Hero Butterflies ?

The Cameras Are Always Ready

Out in the wild it's best to keep the cameras ready to fire at any moment.

When there are no birds, snakes or, furry critters around, bugs and butterflies will have to do.

This butterfly, with odd, eyeball-looking marks on its wings showed up.

The closest thing, I can find online, shows it resembles a Coenonympha hero.

That would be a pretty amazing butterfly, to catch on camera, because they are rare.

Just in case the scientists need one, I shoot lots of photos.

It's a good idea to shoot the other butterflies hanging around with them, too.

The real butterfly experts want to know what kind of plants they land on to feed.

And, they like to get an idea what the surrounding terrain looks like.

Here's a bit closer-up shot so, they can count the spots and see the antennae.

There's no way I'll call these butterflies Coenonympha Hero, until it's confirmed by scientists.

 These characters were spotted later in the day, frolicking around in the bushes.

 They acted more like heroes, if you ask me !

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