Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 4th is Sanshin Day in Okinawa Japan

One of the Best Days of the Year


It almost slipped my mind but, when I turned on the radio, I knew, immediately.

Today is Sanshin No Hi and I'll be listening to the music until well after dark. 

Here's a photo of a sanshin it a dimly-lit bar.

It was taken one night when I was dimly-lit and decided to use the camera flash.

But, it shows you the three strings and snakeskin of an Okinawan sanshin or, samisen.

Thanks to a guy from Australia, Wolfsleepwalker, I have this treat for you.

Playing the song Sanshin no Hana (三線の花) is Eisho Higa, along with the band Begin.

There isn't a better video of anything on YouTube, if you ask me.

So, before I practiced stealing screenshots of this, I asked for permission.

And I got a reply.

"Hi Mike,  Take as many as you want.  
My best regards,

Now, my plan is to take the rest of the day off so I can enjoy Sanshin no Hi.

All you have to do to celebrate Sanshin Day, wherever you are, is go listen to this band.

If you're anything like me, you can't resist giving them a Thumbs-Up.  Enjoy !

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