Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013 Full Moon Will Appear Tomorrow Night

Get Your Cameras or Telescopes Ready


Tonight around 7PM I was taking practice shots with the tripod and the Pentax.

If the weather doesn't change much, the full moon should be easy pickings tomorrow.

With a clear sky and just a slight breeze this photo was taken at my front door steps.

Some sweetheart of an elderly gal came along and asked what I was doing.

So, I enlarged a shot on the LCD screen and showed her the moon.

She got all excited and said, "See the rabbit ?"

Well, just out of respect I said, "Of course."

Then she started asking me stuff like, how much money I make with the camera.

And, she wanted to know if I was married or, single.

So, I told her, I'd keep her in mind if I ever need another wife, just to be polite.

I gave her a little hug and she went cackling on down the street.

Then, I got all my stuff back in the office and pulled down the shutter.

Here's the Goodies on Tomorrow's Full Moon




The Old Farmer's Almanac calls it a Full Buck or, Thunder Moon

NBC News says it will be a stunner

For those who fancy that astrology stuff, I give this video from Astrologer Coach:

Check with your local weather station for moonrise.

It should appear the same time as the sun sets because that's what the full moon likes to do.

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