Monday, July 22, 2013

Plant Photos: Powderpuff Tree (Barringtonia racemosa)

These Flowers Could Be in the Doozies Files


Always on the lookout for something new and unusual, I spotted them on Zamami-jima.

Another thing I always do, is look for karaoke bars when I'm on another island.

It was late at night and there were spotlights turned on the tree.

Sitting down on the ground with the tripod I was trying to get the blasted camera to focus.

There was way too much beer in me already.

Along came a pretty blond girl and pack of guys who had way too much something, too.

And, they were looking for a karaoke bar.

So, off we went.

There's only one karaoke joint, that I know of, on that island.

We found it and sang songs plus, had a few more beers.

After everybody drank themselves under the table, they went home.

So, I stayed a little bit longer.

It was way past midnight when I got back to this flowering tree.

Just when I figured out how to get my camera focusing, the lights went out.

So, I asked the guy who flipped the switch if he'd turn them back on, for just a second.

 The rumor, I had heard was, these things only bloom at night.

Click, click, click and I was out of there.

ISBN4-900668-63-X is a Japanese book, I used to ID the plant.

That's where I got the name Barringtonia racemosa.

None of the sources I found online mention the flowers being night bloomers.

So, maybe, I'll have to re-visit that island and see if they bloom in daylight.

It could be a myth or, they have some sort of hybrid growing over there.

It would really be nice if I could capture these flowers in daylight for you.

Then, I could pack the camera away and go karaoke without it !

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