Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free to a Good Home: This Defiant Butterfly Photo

The L'il Critter Refuses to be Identified


An unbelievable amount of time has been spent trying to ID this Butterfly.

Waiting for the expert resources, I use, is taking too long.

It's time to call-in my normal reader's, for help.

Did I ever tell you, I get impatient, sometimes ?

The folks up at the Yanbaru Wildlife Conservation Center might have the answer.

But, I ain't planning on heading up that way, anytime soon.

Here's the deal.  Get me a scientific name with a verifiable link and I'll give you this photo.

The first person to correctly identify the butterfly wins.

Comment on this blog, through Google+1, or Facebook.

There will be only one winner.

And, one defiant butterfly, will be off my things to do list !

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