Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting that Google+ Setup Working Right Today !

They Ought to Give Away Honorary Guru Degrees




Figuring this stuff out without any geek-speak training is rough.

Except for a few minor adjustments, I think, I gotterdun.

 Here is a screenshot of my Google+ page.

It looks pretty spiffy, the way they made the colors match my outfit and kept my fanny covered up.

Somebody at Google designed the background and I think, I'll just keep it that way.

The rest of the stuff, is what I spent two weeks working on.

 Here Comes the Tricky Part


It seems like, if you write stuff, you have to establish yourself, as an author.

That Structured Data Testing Tool has to say:

"Authorship is working for this webpage."

Suppose you are an author who posts stuff on your own blog.

Then, you need that Testing Tool to give you credit for pushing the Publish Button, too.

The two samples above are shots of my blog.

Publisher mark up is verified and, authorship is working.  Yay !

Moving On to the Website

Things got a little tricky here.

That rascal Structured Data Testing Tool didn't want to give my homepage authorship.

But, they did say, "Publisher markup is verified for this page."

 So, I went and hooked up all the link stuff to my About Me page on the website.

And, I'll be danged if they didn't start calling me an author, over there !

Some Fine Tuning Remains to be Done


Like, BS University of Maryland should probably be changed to something different.

And, you should really have a profile picture that looks more true to life.

So, I thought I should ask my readers.

Should I show the world who I really am ?

As computer challenged as I am, here are a few links that simplified this transformation.

Get your Google+ working right, today.

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