Thursday, July 25, 2013

Museums Can Be Cool Places to Visit on a Hot Day

Being Outdoors is Fun but Sometimes it Gets Hot



Not to worry, it isn't as if I'm turning into a couch potato or, anything like that.

The temperatures on Okinawa have been getting up there lately.

During yesterday's travels, plenty of outdoor photography took place.

There were a few fish jumping out of water shots taken.

Some hills, sugar cane fields and even, another island were visited.

When the mercury hits between 33˚C (91.4˚F) and 40˚C (104˚F) I need a break.

Have a look inside the Onna-son Museum.

This place is climate controlled and comfortably cool.

It cost Ɏ100 to spend as long as you wish in the air-conditioned rooms.  Hah !

Making sure, I took my time, I covered every inch of the place.

Now, I have an idea what it looked like, building some of those straw-roofed huts.

And, I saw what it took to make the stone walls at Zakimi Castle.

They didn't have any fancy tools or, uniforms back in the old days.

It was probably a lot more fun being an architect than a construction worker back then.

You could say stuff like, "Let's hurry and get this room done.

Move that rock a little more to the right but, be careful.

We don't want anyone getting their toes crushed.

C'mon guys.  Don't you know it's hot out here ?

We gotta getterdun and go drink some beer !" 

Note Local Travelers: Map It Okinawa Gives Directions


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