Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Butterfly: Ryukyu Hime Janome (リュウキュウヒメジャノメ)

After a Month of Waiting for the Experts


Finally, there has been a positive identification made on this butterfly.

It's a Mycalesis madjicosa or, Ryukyu Hime Janome.

Probably, none of the scientists, online, have spent much time in the Ryukyu Islands.

And, that may be why none of them answered when I asked for help.

Sometimes, you have better luck, talking to street people.

But, that wasn't how I got the ID today.  

What I did, was take the wife on a little date.  We went to the Kin Town Library.

See, I had some overdue books to return.

She does a lot better explaining those sort of things, than I do.

So, while the gals were busy at the counter, I went and looked at pictures in a book.

 There it was, a picture of this butterfly !

They had the Latin name and リュウキュウヒメジャノメ in the caption.

Man, I could hardly wait for our date to get over, I was so excited.

Just kidding !

As soon as I got back to the office, I did some verification.

This butterfly is a Ryukyu Hime Janome for sure.


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