Monday, July 29, 2013

Photos from Onna-son, Okinawa Summer Festival 2013


Don't Miss This One Next Year -- It's a Blast !




Locals call it the Una Matsuri but you can get by saying, Onna-son Festival.


With several villages having festivals, all weekend, I chose this one.



3 Miss Onna pose with a manga character



The people of Onna-son really know how to throw a party.

festival grounds scene

This field, where the festival took place, is just a few steps away from the East China Sea.

When I first got there, only a few hundred guests were out in the hot sun.

stage for festival performers

As evening arrives, the crowd gathers around the stage to see the entertainment.

band performing on stage

Trying to get a better look, I zoomed in on these performers playing classic Okinawan folk music.

That guy, playing the guitar looked like he had something strange on his head.

performers and family pose

Catching the group before they disappeared, I took this photo.

hilarious hair-do

Would you believe, the dude does his own hair styling ?

Dang.  I wish I could do stuff like that !

shillouette beach scene at sunset

Before the sun disappeared, I started setting-up to shoot fireworks, near the beach.

pine tree on beach at night

When it got really dark, I decided this would be where I'd catch the fireworks.

The beach was roped-off so, nobody could get any closer and, I wondered why.



fireworks launchers on beach

The illumination launchers were planted on the beach, just a few meters away.

Fireworks launching, boat

The fireworks were popping directly over us.  So much for making a scene over the ocean.

Tens of thousands behind me and there's nowhere to go.

Babies are screaming and crying; teenagers cheering and saying, "Oo, ah and kawaii."

smoke and fireworks, pine tree

In the crowd, there was no way to move the tripod and camera and catch the bursts overhead.

It was like being downtown PANDAMONIUM !

So, I farted, as loud and long as I could.

fireworks at night

It worked.  Hah !

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