Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Firework Photos: What's Kenny Rogers Got to Do With That ?

It's a Lot Like Being a Gambler




When you take a tripod and digital camera to a festival for fireworks, it's a gamble.

The best way to insure a few good photos is shoot plenty.

Then, when you get back to your digital darkroom, you have some decisions to make.

Since I'm borrowing the words, "Know what to throw away and know what to keep",

here's a little tune Kenny Rogers said it so well in:

A DSLR, shooting RAW photos creates some humongous files.

It's fairly easy to know what to throw away, once you view them on a computer monitor.


The hardest part of the job is deciding what to keep.

bursting fireworks

Cropping the photos that have some pretty fireworks in them is an option.

fireworks display

That only works when you have room to follow some of the rules of composition.

fireworks at night

Some folks get out their paint brushes to remove distracting elements from the photo.


There's too much work outdoors, for me to do so, I don't have time to fool with painting.


If a burst has a tail hanging-off of it, that's what you get.


This photo is not really a keeper, to me but, it got me thinking, someone might use it.

These days, I hear people break-up with each other by text messages.

So, a gal could write something on this and send it to her soon-to-be ex.

Sold the fishing pole for ten bucks

The rest of your junk is in the garage

Stay out of my house

You don't live here anymore


bursting fireworks

If they had a shot like this, in the bar I go to, I'd probably think I had way too much to drink.

And, I'd get home a lot earlier.


Here's one I liked but, couldn't follow the Rule of Thirds so, it'll be history.


This one might make a good glow in the dark fridge magnet.  In the space you could write:



If somebody comes up with a catchy title for this photo, I could email it to them.

fireworks at night

The throwing away part of these fireworks is just about done.

Now, I just have to figure out, which ones to keep.


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