Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photos: Okinawa's Young Sumo Wrestlers at Kin Town Matsuri


Festival Season in Full Swing




The folks in Kin Town are throwing a weekend festival.

It started this morning and youth sumo was the main attraction.
blue shy over festival grounds

Under bright blue skies, here is what the athletic field looked like.
young men sumo wrestle
The young wrestlers compete on a circle of sand.
sumo westler taking opponent down
Taking an opponent down or, throwing him out of the ring, is what it's all about.
sumo action, sand
These guys really go at it.
sumo wrestlers in action
There wasn't any match that lasted, even a minute.
sumo wrestling
A lot of strength and agility is what it takes to win a bout.
Sometimes, getting the other dude off-balance, means taking his feet off the sand.
sumo wrestlers
But, you can't just slam the body onto the ground.
sumo wrestling action
Sort of easing the opponent back to earth, is what you're supposed to do.
Okinawan Sumo
That's what I like best about Okinawa Sumo or, as the locals call it, Shima.
The matches are fast and furious but, nobody gets hurt.

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