Sunday, July 7, 2013

In Japan It's Tanabata---Tonight Is a Special Night !

Call it the Star Festival


It almost slipped my mind, this year.  July 7th, is Tanabata.

On Okinawa it isn't one of those festivals where everyone goes to celebrate and party.

Only one house, that I know of, goes hog wild decorating for the event.

A sweetheart of a gal named, Nakamoto, in Nanjo City, hangs up all these decorations.

She has been decorating her yard with all these bright colors for over 20 years.

The star festival comes from a Chinese legend.

It seems, this young couple (We'll call them stars) fell in love.

 They got fooling around, too much and forgot to do their jobs.

 So, the big guy in the sky separated them.

He stuck them on opposite ends of the Milky Way, astronomically speaking.

That way, they could only get to see each other, once a year.

Some people decorate for the event, others, just look up at the stars.

Tanabata, meaning the night of the seventh, you should look up there.

Tonight is the only night of the year those two wayward stars get together.

See if you can catch them fooling around !


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