Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never Ending Discoveries in Okinawa, Japan

Decades Could be Spent Finding Them All


The question is asked frequently.

"Do you think you will ever run out of material to photograph and write about on Okinawa ?"

The answer is, "No."

The photo above, is an example of a recent find. 

In over 35 years of traveling up and down this island, I had never heard of or, seen this place.

It is called: Nishihara Village Office Wartime Underground Shelter.

It seems that, in the 1940's, the Japanese Imperial Army needed to occupy some buildings in town.

Local residents were (ahem-ahum) employed to dig this underground shelter.

That way they could store all the important papers and documents.

If you worked in the village office, you could take stuff out and work on it at home. 

Then, bring it back at night, to be stored in a safe.

A Quote From the Historical Marker



"Today, in Nishihara, the office shelter is one of the few important historical artifacts left from the war.

Such remains constantly remind us of the hardships and tragedies of war, even as its lessons fade with time."

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