Friday, August 30, 2013

A Bridge with Bougainvillea and Wagon Wheels

bridge, bougainvillea, wagon wheels

What more could you ask for ?

The recently, re-opened Southeast Botanical Gardens has it all.

We just made a quick trip through about half the place and called it a day.

It was so hot, I couldn't get the fish to jump out of water.

The place had been closed for a few years and, I really missed it.

It seems like it will be a while before the attraction gets restored to what it was years ago.

When they get signs on all the plants and flowers, I can spend weeks there.

That's because they write the names in English, Japanese and, Latin.

Imagine, being able to shoot some unknown flower or, bug and have its name right alongside it.

Just snap a photo of the sign and the research is all done.

Anything beats, squinting at a monitor or, thumbnails in a library book, trying to ID stuff.

Another thing, I noticed while touring the gardens.

They have some statues of naked ladies in the pond.  I didn't shot them, though.

It's because, I'm not that type of photographer.

And, the light wasn't right !

If you want to know more about the Botanical Gardens or, squint at a naked lady statue go 

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