Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Whole Week Flat on My Back

lizard laying on back

Out of Action


Thanks for the Tweets, messages and emails from around the globe.

Something wicked and evil grabbed ahold of me last Saturday night and made me go home early.

A bunch of the best nurses, doctors and pharmacists in town got me hooked-up.

Right now I feel 100% better but, I'm supposed to be in bed for one whole week.

My loving wife, who makes the best chicken soup on the planet doesn't know I sneaked in here.

So, I have to hurry and finish this hamburger and get on home.

two dogs guard master's bed, futon

On my futon, the huskies make sure the Missus, Grandkids and bill collectors stay away.

When papa is sick, nobody enters this room.

Maybe, I'll just eat the bread and, let the dogs have the hamburger.

They really are, a man's best friend !


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