Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do Not Be Disturbed by the Silence of the Drums

August May Be Ending But Eisa Dances Go On


The village streets in Okinawa, become quiet again at night, when Obon is over.

But Eisa may be viewed and, listened to, throughout the year.

male Eisa performer with small drum

An invitation to attend the Orion Beer Festival this weekend was politely declined.

Eisa groups from throughout the Ryukyu Islands perform so, I was tempted to go.

However, I still have hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos waiting processing and delivery.

There's really no need to go driving to the big city, at night to see Eisa.

Sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned office, I watched this video three times. 

It was produced by a good friend and, an award-winning film maker, Robert Avery.

If the silence of the drums is bugging you or, you have never witnessed Eisa, check it out.

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