Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ryukyu Nightlife: Saturday in Okinawa City

These Photos Were Taken Last Night


It's been a few decades since I've spent a night bar crawling in this spot.

It's Okinawa City and, some of us used to call it Koza.

It was so much fun, I'll have to get back down that way again, without the camera, sometime.

bar scene, Live House, Okinawa

Everywhere you go, they have the air conditioning cranked up.

And, it was a good thing because it was steamy on the last day of August.

view of stage in a Live House

Many of the bars look about the size of a small house trailer.

woman singer playing instrument, Sanba

Live music, played by local musicians, bounces off the walls.  Even, I could hear it.

man playing sanshin and smiling

If anyone ever wants to start a fight, I bet this guy could disarm them with his smile.

Okinawan singer

Some of my friends were surprised, I wouldn't drink any beer.


Shooting the camera is work, to me.  And, I don't drink at work.

singing and playing sanshin

To compose some of these shots, I had to climb up on the furniture.

woman sanshin player

If you owned a bar, you wouldn't want drunks climbing on stuff with cameras.  Would you ?

bar owner and patron

This bar, didn't have much furniture so, I sat on the floor to take a photo.

girls at a bar

By the time we hit the third establishment, I was ready for a beer.

So, I packed the camera away.

After a few sips of ice cold Orion, my normal shyness around women disappeared.

Then, I asked these gals if I could take their picture.  They even signed model releases. Hah !

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