Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wildlife: A Black-faced Spoonbill Returned to Tomigusuku

bird, Black-faced Spoonbill. Endangered Species

Migratory Birds Spend the Winter in Okinawa


A tip from nature photographer, Shawn Miller, led Doc Graff and I to check it out yesterday.

Down in the Tomigusuku wetlands, we spotted this Spoonbill, probably, the first one to migrate here.

Not much of a politician, I haven't had any luck, contacting the right people to help these birds.

Scientists, would call them Platalea minor.  I just think they're ugly.

And maybe, Tomigusuku folks feel the same way.

Keep throwing garbage in the wetlands.

That way, we can eliminate this endangered species a lot faster.

Once that job is done, what should we do next ?

Maybe, start throwing ugly women in there, too !

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