Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend's Here: Images from a Busy Week

stone structure in ocean

Just a quick photographic review of the photos taken the past few days.

In Okinawa, Japan you never run out of interesting subjects.

 There's a stone wall in the ocean, over in Yomitan.

Okinawan waitress giving peace sign and smiling
Friendly waitresses in the Soba Houses.

bowl of Okinawa soba

Delicious servings of Okinawa Soba.

weathered tree stump

Old weather-beaten tree stumps.

dog on beach

Pups that look suspiciously at you on the beach.

baby sea turtle at tide

Baby Loggerhead Turtles running to take their first dip in the ocean.

lighthouse, ocean,statue

Lighthouses and statues to photograph.

butterfly and flower

Butterflies and flower blossoms.

tree, dragonfly, bird

Birds and Dragonflies.

city street at sunset

Every day, I'm out there somewhere, finding new things to shoot.

Sometimes, it's way past sunset by the time my work is done.

Before you know it, the weekend's here.

Think I best go grab a beer !

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