Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flower Photo: Clitoria ternatea (チョウマメ) or Blue Pea

How This Flower Got Named


Just taking a wild guess here, some gynecologist must have been involved.

Or, Dr. Ruth was drinking at some botanist's house when he asked for help naming this plant.

Anyway, somebody decided the flower looked like a female body part.

flower and vine, Blue Pea

More common names for this climbing vine are Butterfly Pea and Cordofan Pea.

It grows throughout Southeast Asia and you can eat the peas from its pods.

The flowers have been used in cooking and making drinks.

Years ago doctors figured if it looks like a body part, it must be medicine for what it resembles.

So, if you had a sexual problem, you should take Clitoria stuff to fix it.

Vaginal Research Online Causes Headaches



The never-ending pursuit of interesting things to give the audience lasted a few hours.

It would have been nice to post some chart, illustration or, video here.

But, nothing appropriate for all ages of readers turned-up.

Over on YouTube somebody posted a video with over 20 million views.

There's no sense in having stuff like that embedded here.

So, I found a link to a chart for those wanting to know what a clitoris might be

Also, from the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, this report:

Female Genital Appearance: "Normality Unfolds"

Choumame (チョウマメ) is what I prefer calling these beautiful flowers.

It just sounds better than talking about things a female has down where the sun doesn't shine !

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