Monday, September 23, 2013

4th Annual Sabani Boat Race (Photos) Ou-Jima, Okinawa

It Will Become a Big Festival



Sabani sailing and racing, is starting to catch-on so, you should hurry and start building one.

The races took place, yesterday, down at the little island called, Ou-Jima.

Typhoons, in the area, caused some rough sea conditions but, that didn't stop the sabani people.

shoreside, gong for starting sailing sabani boat races

The races start with the ringing of a gong.

sabani boats paddle at start of race

Way out there, several hundred meters, was a marker.

They had to paddle the boats into the wind.

That's because, if they tried using sails, they'd probably go backwards.

sailing sabani boat hoisting sail

After turning at the marker, sails and paddles were the way to go.

a white sail on sabani boat in race

Maybe, it would be a good idea to take some sailing lessons, before you try this.

If you don't know how to steer the thing, you could end-up in China.

lowering the sabani sail

Dropping the sail seemed to work best, when it was time to turn around, again.

paddling a sailing sabani boat into wind

Just before the bridge, that connects Ou Island to Okinawa, they had another marker.

And, rowing into the wind again, was the only way to reach the finish point.

Ou-Jima is Famous for Tempura and Sun-dried Squid


Here's what will happen, someday.

Somebody will come along and put up some food tents and sell yakisoba and other stuff.

So, I don't have to run around the island, looking for hamburgers.

It will become a big event.

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