Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dancing the Flamenco in Club Shangrila

This Craze Could Catch-on in Okinawa



It's a good thing I was wearing my flip-flops.  I was tempted to join them, anyway.

Have you ever been to a Flamenco show ?

Flamenco dancer in nightclub

These people really know how to get the audience going.

Flamenco dancers on stage

They hoot and holler and everybody claps, stomps their feet and wants to be one of them.

Flamenco dancers dancing on stage

Wiggling around and dancing so hard, they make the wooden floor sound like firecrackers.

four Flamenco dancers performing at nightclub

The only way to catch them still, for a split second, is wait till they get done.

Flamenco on stage

One second they're still and, next thing you know their clothes start flying all over the place.

four Flamenco performers on stage

It took awhile to figure out how to catch a still photo of them.

Wait 'til that gal in the red and white dress yells, "OLAY"  !

In case you can't make it to see the Flamenco Dancers in Okinawa try this:

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