Saturday, September 28, 2013

Politically Incorrect Birds in the Mangroves

Fear Not:  Nobody's Getting Political Here


After sorting the day's wildlife photos it's fun to exercise the imagination.

So, that's what I do sometimes, while waiting for the bars to open.

birds, spoonbill and egret

The egret on the left saw a stranger in the wetland.

Egret close up

That bird on the right isn't from Okinawa.  So, why's he hanging around here ?

egret appears to be talking

Get outta my swamp !

close up of egret with bill open

No ospreys are allowed in here !

birds, spoonbill and egrets

So, the big bird on the right says, "I'm not an osprey.  I'm a penguin".

egret with mouth closed

Oh.  Excuse me for being so blond.  Penguins are OK.

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