Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looks Like Okinawa May Have Muscovy Ducks (Photos)

They Aren't Communists Though



There's still some confusion about these birds.

How they got a Russian name, beats me.  Their Latin nomenclature would be Cairina moschata.

In Japan they are called Nobariken (ノバリケン).

two differently colored ducks in water below a dam

This pair of ducks was found at a dam in Yomitan.

male and female Muscovy Ducks

The one with the bright colors would be the male.

Muscovy Ducks swimming

They are wild birds.  We couldn't get anywhere near them.

pair of Muscovy Ducks

Muscovites don't quack, like other ducks and, they're supposed to be good eating, too.

ducks in water below dam

If what I read about them is true, they have claws on the end of those webbed feet.

ducks, swimming

That's so they can fly up into trees and hangout.

That got me thinking.  Maybe, I should hide in a tree and have someone chase them to me.

The only way we can be sure these are Muscovy Ducks is inspect their feet.

Well, I got looking around and know where I can grab one, now.

They look just like the ducks I spotted at Shuri Castle Pond.

Have you ever seen a duck with claws on the end of his paws ?

Don't worry.  I won't kill the bird. I just want a picture of its feet !

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