Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Flower Photos: Pretty But Deadly the Jatropha hastata

Toxic Plants Could Kill People and Animals


These photos were taken during my walk to the office this morning.

A tree, with bright red flowers, caught my attention so, I decided to get it for you.

flowers, plants, Jatropha, red flowers

The sun hadn't hit, yet because it was before 7AM and, it was looking like it would rain.

red flower buds, leaves of Jatropha plant

So, I snapped a few quick shots and moved along.

If you noticed, I haven't placed many images in Trees, Flowers and Ferns for September.

We're fixing that, now.

Jatropha tree in comparison to two story building

Here's a shot, to give an idea, how big this tree gets to be.

What Would Anybody Want These Plants For ?



 Research on these beauties will tell you:

Most of the 170 types of Jatropha originated in South America.

And, most of the parts of the plant are toxic so, you shouldn't eat them.

Especially the seeds; three of them, if consumed, can kill a human.

If you want to tan hides or, make diesel fuel, these plants might be good for you.

Or, if your neighbors keep stealing your flowers to eat.....


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