Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Essay: Baby Sea Turtle Release as as Educational Tool

Loggerhead Turtles and Children


This release at Maeda Point in Okinawa, Japan took place September 4, 2013.

The little sea turtles had hatched earlier that day.

Baby Loggerheads (Caretta caretta) are about the size of my Swiss Army Knife.

child hands with baby sea turtle

At first, I was worried about trying to take photos with all the children handling them.

teacher with children on beach, turtle release

But, they got a lesson from an expert in sea life preservation.

There were plenty of parents and teachers on hand to supervise the project.

baby sea turtle in child's hand

The boys and girls handled them gently.

The little turtles were the rambunctious ones.  They want to run into the ocean !

baby sea turtles on beach, children

A line was drawn in the sand.

The people with little flip flops, had to stay behind and let the baby turtles go.

children watch cameraman and baby sea turtles

Only adults and cameramen were allowed to follow the turtles to the sea.

big camera, baby sea turtle,beach

So, that's what we did.

baby sea turtles run towards tide

The little critters made a run for the coast, at high tide.

baby sea turtles reaching tide

And, it looks like a happy ending when they hit the water.

baby sea turtle at tideline

Sometimes, Mother Nature has other plans for them.

baby sea turtle flipped by tide

And, they get tossed, by the tide, back onto the beach.

baby sea turtle struggles

They wiggle and thrash around with those strong front legs until they get it right.

baby sea turtle swims in tide

Eventually, they make it out into the open sea.

Sea Turtles Around the World Are Endangered Species



It would be nice to see more people around the globe teaching children about them.

Here is a list of resources:



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