Friday, September 20, 2013

Harvest Moon ( 中秋の名月) Festival Kin Town (Photos)

full moon

At the start, it was looking like the moon wouldn't make an appearance.

But, it peeked through the clouds at 7:39PM.

martial arts performance on stage at night

There were friendly stick fights.

traditional Okinawa dance

Beautiful ladies danced on the stage.

classic Okinawa dance, ladies in red kimonos

And, beautiful young girls danced, too.

Miruku, character

A dude with his belly hanging out, threw candy for the kids to eat.

dancing lion dog and handler

Then, along came this dancing, lion-dog.  He scared everybody and we all ran away.


2011 The Final Full Moon Festival

Full Moon Festival 2010

Shuri Castle Day and Night at the Moon Viewing Festival

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