Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Restaurant in Kin Town Okinawa for Your Travel Map

Seaside BBQ is the New Hot Spot


The food is so delicious here, I went for supper three times in the past week.

First, I ate BBQ on a bun with side orders of potato salad and coleslaw.

The next time, I had the same side orders with alligator.

sign, Seaside BBQ

It was the only time I've eaten alligator, in my life.  I hope I didn't break any laws.

The way I look at it, is one of those critters would eat me if they got the chance.

So, we should eat them and crocodiles, too, every chance we get.

restaurant interior view

This restaurant is in the Igei district of Kin Town.

It's a few miles walk from where I live so, I don't go down that way very often, anymore.

Back when the building was a motorcycle shop, I used to go there every day.

There's a beach, right behind the place.

The huskies and I would walk there, early in the morning.

They would be tied up under pine trees in the shade, while I went looking for wildlife.

round table at restaurant

A friend, named Joe came by and we decided to go eat some barbecue.

At first, a table for two looked good enough for us.

But, remembering my last two meals, I guess I went a little crazy and, ordered too much.

smoked bacon

Like, who ever heard of buying smoked bacon by the kilo ?

Don't worry.  I didn't eat it raw.  They have it for takeout orders and you cook it at home.

Maybe, the half kilo I got would make a nice birthday present for the wife.

BBQ ribs, potato salad, beans

Here's what I had for supper tonight. It fits nicely on a table for eight.

When I ordered barbecue ribs, they asked if I wanted  a half or, whole rack.

Well, I never heard of a pig with a rack before.  So, I ordered the whole thing.

Those ribs, smoked and covered with special sauce, are unbelievably tender.

They give you a real sharp knife to cut them with.

 But, you can almost, just lick the meat off the bone. It's scrumptious.

The beans and potato salad must have filled me up, because I couldn't finish all the meat.

They gave me some nice takeout tray for all my leftovers.

The Missus has a birthday coming in a few days so, I took all the stuff to my office.

Rib bones, the huskies will eat, like treats, especially if I freeze them.

Ladies, I wonder what they think of my plan.

Should I have the kilo of ribs and bacon gift wrapped in some special container ?

Or, is it alright to just give a gift in a Styrofoam box ?  No sense being tacky.

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