Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dolphin Photos: Not Fish Jumping Out of Water

dolphin jumping out of water


It May Look Like a Fish But, That's a Mammal Jumping


 Today, we visited the Motobu Wellness Village known locally as Genkimura.

People get to learn about sea animals by participating in the Dolphin Program.

dolphin jumps out of water

Visitors are always coming to my website looking for fish jumping out of water.

So, I figured this would be easy shooting, watching the dolphins.

pair of dolphins, jumping out of water

These characters move and jump so fast, it's good practice for photographers.

But, it isn't too easy.

dolphin jumping, trainer

Maybe, if you hang around long enough, you can break the code.

Hand signals, speech or, remote controls; I'm not sure how they get them jumping.

dolphin jumps over trainer's stick

The next time I want to look for fish jumping out of water, I'll go somewhere else.

If you want to know more about why dolphins are mammals instead of fish go here.

Other Exciting News from Today's Camera Travels

One of our tasks, was to find this purple flower and, we gotterdun.

There were lots of photos taken and, one of the plants is hanging out behind my office.

It's just going to take me awhile before presenting this gem.

The scientists named the plant Clitoria ternatea.  Groan.

How do they manage to come up with names, like that, for these things ?

More on this subject later.....

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