Thursday, August 22, 2013

Okinawa's Obon Festivities End After 3 Days (Photos)

A Busy Time of the Year




The ancestors have finished their annual visit and everyone has gone back where they came from.
It has been an extremely busy week.
A friend wanted to know if I'd like to go to Uruma City and watch Eisa.
Heck no !    I've been chasing Eisa dancers and, the full moon all week.  Burnout !!!
women do Eisa dance in streets at night
Eisa, takes place on almost any little village street, throughout the Ryukyu Islands.
male Eisa dancer with drum at night
Loud music, is played through speaker systems and you hear thunderous drum beats.
young girl Eisa dances with a fan while chanting
The dancers chant stuff like "Hai  EEE Yah".
intoxicated man dances with young girls, Eisa
If you want to pretend you're somebody's drunk uncle and join-in, that's OK.
It was real tempting but, I had photos to shoot.
young men with large drums, Eisa dance
The Eisa dancers are all twenty-something and full of energy.
chondara, Eisa dance
They have been known to perform, all over the island, until the wee hours of the morning.
line of young men with drums, dance Eisa in street at night
And, being old enough to drink, they may tip a few when they're on a break.
young woman with fans, Eisa dance
The first night of Obon, they are welcoming the ancestral spirits. 
Eisa dance performed in night club
The second day, they entertain them.
young ladies Eisa dance in night club, pink kimonos
And, the last night of festivities, is to send them off in good spirits.
With Obon season, over and done, my cameras are all packed away, resting-up for the weekend.
So, I was thinking I should take a night off.
There was this place, I found, in my travels that has some good spirits, I'd like to try.
female bartender

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